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Give the Gift of Home Cleaning to Dad for Father’s Day!

Has Dad been hard at work lately? Why not give him the gift of cleaning that beautiful couch for Father’s Day in June? A-1 Garden State Chem-Dry can thoroughly clean your upholstery, with Green Certified ingredients. Give Dad a gift that saves him the frustration of having to do it himself, and transforms your home in the process!

couch carpet cleaning

We hear stories all the time from homeowners here in the [insert area] that had their carpet and upholstery cleaned. When doing it themselves they often experience frustration that comes from the process taking too long, or ingredients not quite getting the job done. Or, after professional cleaners come, they can’t sit on their nice couch for days!

Chem-Dry can get down to the fibers, and clean quickly. This is without the typical day or two drying time (our process allows your carpet and upholstery to dry in a matter of hours!). Just last month we cleaned carpet in Marlsboro. They were surprised at how quickly it was done. They loved our unique Hot Carbonated Extraction, that allows us to clean with a fraction of the moisture other cleaners will use. This allows you to put your furniture back on your carpet or sit on your furniture in just a few hours. Perfect so Dad can enjoy his downtime.

You are able to call us for a FREE in-home estimate at (732) 972-7887, or click here for a free estimate. We would love to renew your floors for dad!

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